Thamsanqa “KrTC of Hip Hop” Sibandze (Swaziland)

Thamsanqa “KrTC of Hip Hop” Sibandze  is a native of Swaziland. He is one of the most successful Hip Hop artist within Africa’s southern region. Sibandze has received endorsements and partnered with many high profiled organizations, such as Coca Cola, MTN wireless company, the United States and European Union Embassy, in an effort to promote awareness to the daily challenges young people within Swaziland and the continent of Africa face, through the medium of Hip Hop and sports. One of Sibandze’s most proudest moments was being selected as one of  Swaziland’s fellows for the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). KrTC is excited to serve as the Gerami Groover Presents Artist Ambassador for Swaziland’s Initiative Emandla Emculo(Power of Music).

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